Axl Rose Had 'Way Too Many Chili Burgers,' Slash's Wife Says

Wife of ex-Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash rips Rose following his interview on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live.'

Axl Rose stopped by "Jimmy Kimmel Live" Wednesday night for his first live TV interview in more than two decades, a free-wheeling (occasionally awkward) chat that, while not exactly revelatory, left most going, "Huh, Axl actually seems like a pretty cool guy."

Though it should be noted — not surprisingly — that Perla Hudson, wife of former Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash, wasn't quite as impressed. In a new interview with US Weekly, Hudson spoke of her distaste for the interview.

"I was waiting for something enlightening and all I got was a promotion for [Gun N' Roses upcoming Las Vegas residency] and his evident affinity for a chili burger," Hudson said, making reference to the end of the "Kimmel" interview, when Rose brought Tommy's Hamburgers for the studio audience. "Where is the love Axl? And I stayed up for this? Sex, drugs and chili dogs. Long live Axl Rose. And a Halloween tree."

Hey, we love Axl's Halloween tree. Anyway, Hudson didn't stop there ... she went on to poke fun at the revolving door of guitarists Rose has employed in Guns N' Roses since parting ways with Slash in 1996 and got in one more dig at his physique, too.

"He had a Slash, a Buckethead and a Bumblefoot, and evidently way too many Tommy's chili burgers," she said. "Hope there were some left for the audience."