Snooki 'Was Really Pissed' With 'The Situation'

'Jersey Shore' star tells MTV News that Mike Sorrentino 'needed to work' for her forgiveness.

Over the past several seasons of "Jersey Shore," it's safe to say that there has been a fair share of drama between Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi and Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino.

The two, who were once close housemates, saw their friendship fall apart while filming in Florence, Italy, after the Situation spread rumors about their alleged hook-up.

Snooki did not take the news lightly, denying the claims, and after thrown wine bottles, an epic food fight and several obscenity-strewn shouting matches, the two are still at odds.

Yet, during the final season of the "Jersey Shore," the Situation is doing his best to turn things around.

"This particular season — season six — it definitely comes full circle," he recently told MTV News.

"And being the sixth one, you'll see how my relationship with the whole house, MVP, Ronnie, Sammie and obviously Snooki, and you'll see how they change throughout the season."

The Situation has put forth a valiant effort to try to win Snooki's forgiveness, even buying the new mom, who was six months pregnant at the time of filming, a stroller for her baby during Thursday night's episode.

MTV News recently caught up with Snooki who discussed her evolving relationship with the Situation.

"I definitely just wanted him to know that he did hurt my feelings and he crossed the line and you can't really lie about stuff like that, especially when you're embarrassing my fiancé," Snooki said.

Snooki, who gave birth to her first son, Lorenzo, in August, is not only proud of the Situation for working hard to get back into her good graces, she's also proud of the work he's done personally. In March, the Situation entered a treatment facility to deal with a prescription-medication addiction.

"I'm very proud of Mike," Snooki said. "Because I was very concerned because we were very close so the fact that he's doing well and taking care of himself. I'm so happy."

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