Jonas Brothers Re-Create 'Hunger Games' During Recording Sessions

'You have to disagree to get what you want,' Nick tells MTV News about working with his brothers on next album.

The Jonas Brothers are certainly in full-on comeback mode these days, with shows slated around the globe and an album in the works. And, while fans have been invited into some of their recording sessions on big brother Kevin's reality show, "Married To Jonas," there's certainly been one or two artistic scuffles left on the cutting room floor.

When MTV News caught up with the Jonas Brothers last week, ahead of their first reunion gig at Radio City Music Hall in New York City, the guys opened up about some of the verbal fisticuffs that have taken place over the course of recording this next album.

"No physical altercations, but yeah, you have to disagree to get what you want," Nick said. "Disagree to agree. It works out because we have a voting system. Then we go to our management team if it doesn't work. If you feel strongly about something, I think it's always important to stick by it. The great thing, at the end of the day, is I think we all have a vision for where we want to go and know that we're just trying got get the best out of [the sessions]."

While it may all end well, is there one Jonas Brother who tends to make the most noise in those battles? "I think we all do [win], in a weird way," Kevin noted, with Joe joking, "I usually [win]. I will use weapons if need be. 'Hunger Games' in the studio."

While they confirm that they have not yet nailed down any release dates for singles or videos, they did play several new tracks during last week's Radio City gig, which MTV News attended. But in the days since, only one, titled "Wedding Bells," is receiving all the attention. The lyrics, which we dissected last week, seem to point to the fact that it might be about Nick's ex, Miley Cyrus, and her engagement to, interestingly enough, "Hunger Games" actor Liam Hemsworth.

And, while the guys haven't confirmed the song's subject (Miley's convinced it's about her), they did share that this album just might be their most personal to date.

"We're talking about some really real subjects and things that are meaningful to us both in the present time, in the past, and it's just now out there for people to hear," Nick said. "That's the great thing about being an artist, is you can create and then share later."

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