'Jersey Shore' Star Deena Relives 'Meatball Day' Arrest

'Now I know: Don't dance in the street,' she tells MTV News of her June arrest.

All Deena Cortese wanted was a meatball day on "Jersey Shore." Well, she got one, and it was one she probably won't forget — since she ended up in handcuffs.

On Thursday's episode of "Jersey Shore," Deena decided to hit the boardwalk and have what she calls a "meatball day," which consists of a lot of drinking, dancing and partying. Snooki, who was six months pregnant at the time of filming, usually accompanies Deena on these escapades, but could not partake, which forced Deena to set out to find a replacement meatball. Yet, her search proved unsuccessful. Instead, Deena — the self-proclaimed "blast in a glass" — decided to take the party to the street, dancing in the middle of Seaside Heights, which ultimately led her to the back of a police car.

MTV News recently caught up with Deena, who explained what happened the day of her arrest back in June.

"I decided to have a meatball day, and ... I was just drinking all day, all night into all day," Deena admitted. "I was just trying to dance on the street. Clearly you can't do that, and I actually got in trouble for not using sidewalks. ... That was my charge. So now I know: Don't dance in the street."

After looking back on the incident, Deena understands why she was arrested, since she could have gotten seriously injured.

"I think they wanted to get me away from hurting myself. I probably could've got hit by a car, caused an accident," Deena said. "Rather than me hurting anybody else, I was pretty under the influence at that point."

Deena — who is now the third "Jersey Shore" housemate to be put in handcuffs during filming, with Snooki being arrested in season three and Ronnie in season one — admits that life behind bars wasn't as terrible as she expected, but she's in no rush to go back.

"It was actually not that bad — not that it wasn't bad, but the cops in Seaside were so nice to me, and I was basically in a drunk tank. They kept me there until I sobered up," Deena said. "It wasn't like I killed somebody or stole; it wasn't anything that crazy. I called my parents ... but jail was hard to go to. I don't ever want to go again, but the police were very nice to me."

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