Does Kid Rock's Dealership Gig Top Celebs' Worst Jobs?

Paul Scheer, April Rose and Michelle Ang detail their most-hated working experiences ahead of Tuesday's 'Underemployed' premiere.

MTV's new scripted series "Underemployed" explores the lives of five post-grad friends who are navigating the hardships of their newfound adult lives.

The series, which premieres Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET, picks up one year after college as we watch these twentysomethings deal with dead-end jobs. Sophia dreams of becoming a writer, but settles for serving donuts. Daphne has spent the past twelve months as an unpaid intern, and Miles aspires to be a famous model but finds himself serving mojitos in his underwear.

These jobs are not so glamorous, but then again, not many first jobs are. So, in honor of MTV's new series, we asked some celebrities to weigh in on their worst working experiences.

"I think I was just worried about having to work for my dad at the car dealership," Kid Rock told MTV News. "At one point when I was young, he was like, 'You have to go down and work at the dealership,' and I'm thinking like, 'Sweet, I'm gonna sell cars.' I go down there, and my dad's like, 'Pick up all the trash around the fence. Just walk around the lot and keep pickin' up the trash.' I'm like, 'I don't want any part of this, man. I gotta get this music thing clicking.' "

Before becoming a comedian and starring in the FX series, "The League," Paul Scheer was lifting heavy equipment, while testing out his athletic ability.

"Worst job I ever had was having a 42-inch flat screen TV on my body while I was rollerblading around New York City handing out DVDs for AOL," Scheer said. "And I didn't know how to rollerblade."

Now it's not just the job itself that can be a nightmare, a terrible boss could make a bad situation so much worse.

"I had to work as a director's assistant once and he had very very specific dietary requirements, like down to the brand of mustard," "Underemployed" star Michelle Ang said. "Which made my job really hard. I had to track down these rare condiments ."

Yet, the worst job of all may have to go to MTV2's "Guy Code" star April Rose, who gave new meaning to getting down and dirty.

"I used to clean horse sh-- out of stalls at a barn," Rose said. "They take heavy ... you know."

The series premiere of "Underemployed" kicks off on Tuesday, October 16 at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

What was the worst job you've had? Tell us in the comments below!