Jonas Brothers Tackling 'Real Subjects' On Next Album

JoBros open up to MTV News about their next release, which they promise will be personal.

The Jonas Brothers aren't holding anything back on their next album, opening up about the good, the bad and everything in between.

And while fans will have to wait a little bit longer to hear the new music, it seems like it will be worth the wait, since the guys are getting really personal this time around.

"We're talking about some really real subjects and things that are meaningful to us both in the present time, in the past, and it's just now out there for people to hear," Nick told MTV News about their in-the-works comeback record. "That's the great thing about being an artist, is you can create and then share later."

The guys gave fans a little taste of their new sound when they performed at New York's Radio City Music Hall on Thursday night, including the song "Wedding Bells" that just might be about Nick's high-profile ex-girlfriend Miley Cyrus. But it seems those musical appetizers are only a small part of the feast they are cooking up, and with the guys completely running the show this time around, they have the freedom to do whatever it is they want to artistically, leaving their musical landscape wide open.

"We've taken on a completely different approach to songwriting. We're doing it all ourselves. I'm producing it, we're writing it and we're performing it," Nick said. "It really is all about what's happening with the three of us in the studio. We're in a season now, as artists, of really taking control of our destiny and deciding what our next moves are. It something we're really, really proud of. But it's also one of those things we tread carefully, but we have great fans to support us."

The next release marks the JoBros' first studio album since 2009's Lines, Vines and Trying Times. And while they've spent some time apart, working on a number of solo projects, now felt like just the right time to put out new music as a group.

"It feels really good," Kevin said. "It's been a long time coming. We've all been doing some individual stuff and on our own journeys, but now we're coming back together, and the [Radio City] show [was] kind of the kickoff to that."