Jonas Brothers Will 'Definitely' Debut Three Songs At Tonight's Show

'It's crazy to be back onstage,' the guys tell MTV News of Thursday (October 11) gig at Radio City.

EAST RUTHERFORD, New Jersey — The Jonas Brothers are ready to rock again. The band of brothers are just hours away from their highly anticipated reunion gig at New York's Radio City on Thursday (October 11), and despite all the expectations around it, they aren't letting it make them nervous.

In fact, the guys are feeling pretty confident ahead of their big comeback show. "We're feeling great, very excited, feel rehearsed, feel ready," Joe told MTV News during rehearsals at the Izod Center on Wednesday.

"It feels really good," Kevin added. "It's been a long time coming. We've all been doing some individual stuff and on our own journeys, but now we're coming back together and the show's kind of the kick off to that."

After some solo albums, TV and stage gigs and time apart professionally, the guys had a revelation that now was the right time to hit the stage and the studio again as a group. "I think we all looked at each other, we woke up one morning and said 'I think it's time,' " Kevin recalled of the eureka moment that led to the reunion, with Joe jokingly clarifying, "We weren't lying next to each other."

Nick said the reunion really was prompted not only by perfect timing, but also by their loyal and outspoken fans. "I think it came from a place of all of us being able to accomplish our individual goals and knowing that it was time for us to come back together and do what we love together," he shared, adding that "performing for our fans again is something we're really looking forward to."

But, Joe noted that after so much time away, they weren't sure the response would be as vocal as it has been. The show is sold out (but will be live streamed for those who couldn't make it) and fans are eagerly anticipating the moment they will get official word on when they plan to drop their next album.

"It's cool to see how the fans doing a lot of the active stuff on Twitter and social media. It gets us excited to see that they're so thrilled that we're coming back," he said. "When we put the tickets on sale for the show, since it's been so long you're kind of sitting on the edge of your seat wondering how the tickets are going to sell and to see that our fans are patiently waiting has been very exciting."

And while fans will have to wait until show time to know exactly what the guys are planning, they did give us some teases. And, yes, they will debut new tracks live onstage.

"Fans will definitely hear new music," Nick said. "We are performing about three new songs. I think, for us, it's crazy to be back onstage in general, but to think the fact that we are going to be premiering these news songs onstage for the first time is really exciting and kind of nerve-racking all at the same time. So, hopefully it all goes well."

In addition to new music, the show will also include one eye-catching moment dreamed up by big brother Kevin. "It's amazing. It's actually amazing. It is in the show," Nick teased. "It's a thing that happens and we're standing behind it singing a really beautiful song. It's not one of ours; it's a cover song and I'm having trouble like focusing, singing. It's never been done before on the stage and it's beautiful."

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