'Vampire Diaries' Season Premiere: Five Burning Questions

With CW series returning Thursday for its fourth season, here's what we're dying to know.

"The Vampire Diaries" has earned itself a reputation for epic, edge-of-your-seat season finales, but the bosses behind The CW series outdid even themselves when, a splashy car accident during the season three ender, led to heroine Elena Gilbert's (Nina Dobrev) death and resurrection as an undead. Sure, fans of the hit show knew it was an inevitability that Elena would one day become befanged, but the circumstances were stunning and swift, leaving plenty of unanswered questions leading into Thursday's (October 11) season four premiere.

To wit, here are the five things we're dying to know:

How violent will Elena get?

OK, that question actually came courtesy of co-star Ian Somerhalder, who spoke with MTV News at San Diego Comic-Con about Elena's transformation. "What's actually going to be really interesting is to see what now happens with this one," Somerhalder said, pointing at Dobrev. "And sort of the flood of emotion and the flood of desire to feed and how all of that is going to play out with her." And even more pressing, which human will serve as Elena's blood bank, sealing her change?

What will be the consequences of Elena's compelled-away memories returning?

As you'll recall, one interesting quirk of becoming a bloodsucker is that all the memories that were compelled away while you were human return. And as you'll also recall, Damon compelled away a couple of doozies, including the fact that he met her before brother Stefan did and that he confessed his love for her. Will those missing moments cause her to rethink her decision to choose Stefan over Damon?

When will the council strike?

Before his death in the season three finale, Alaric let slip to the council, well, basically everything, including which Mystic Falls residents are secret supes. With Mayor Lockwood and Sheriff Forbes sending their children on the run, we have to imagine the council's actions will be swift and decisive.

What is the Originals' next move?

Rebekah killed Elena because she thought Klaus was dead. But he wasn't. It was all a big misunderstanding! So will the Originals scattered to the winds as promised, or will they (more likely) reteam and be stronger than ever?

What will Katherine think of vampire Elena?

Seriously. We want to know.

What are your burning questions for Thursday's season four premiere?