2 Chainz Brings Gucci Store To 2012 BET Hip Hop Awards

Atlanta rapper performs Based on a T.R.U. Story singles 'Birthday Song' and 'I'm Different' with Gucci-inspired backdrop.

2 Chainz is getting comfortable commanding the stage. After rocking the VMAs with Lil Wayne, the Atlanta rapper was more than ready for his solo shine at the BET Hip Hop Awards on Tuesday night (October 9).

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Host Mike Epps, dressed as a pastor, introduced 2 Chainz to the audience — or congregation, in this situation — immediately making it clear what song he would launch into. "Dearly beloved, we're gathered here today in the Gucci store to lay to rest a man with multiple chains," Epps said, hinting at "Birthday Song." "Apparently, he done died on his birthday with a big booty girl. Pay your respect to 2 Chainz."

Cut to a church choir in all-white robes, and as they started singing, 2 Chainz popped out of a side door in his Gucci-inspired set, brightly lit in red, green and white. Dressed in a fitted black suit, with skinny tie and plenty of gold trimmings, Chainz looked like he came dressed for a G.O.O.D. Music performance, sticking to the Kanye West dress code. The outfit only lasted through his performance of "Birthday Song," though.

He eventually made his way over to a white piano onstage, tapping out the first few notes of Based on a T.R.U. Story's "I'm Different." A new song required a slightly different look, so 2 Chainz stripped off the formal jacket and got comfortable in a printed black T-shirt while he energetically made his way across the stage.

Just minutes after his performance, 2 Chainz would grace the stage again, picking up the People's Champ Award. After giving thanks to his crew, he explained how far he'd come in the past year. He was denied a chance to walk down the red carpet in 2011, while this year, his presence was requested and he couldn't make it.

Catch 2 Chainz in the upcoming series "This Is How I Made It," which debuts Saturday, October 13, at noon ET/PT on MTV.