'Clueless' Star Dodges Backlash For Mitt Romney Endorsement

Obama supporters come for Stacey Dash after she calls the GOP candidate 'the only choice for your future.'

Stacey Dash isn't exactly known for her politics, but the actress drew a heck of a reaction on Sunday when she took to Twitter to express her support for Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

"Vote for Romney. The only choice for your future," the stunning Hollywood beauty wrote in a post that was accompanied by a patriotic Twitpic with her in front of an American flag wearing a red dress.

Dash, 46, made a name for herself in the 1990s in movies like "Mo' Money" with comedian Damon Wayans and "Clueless" with Alicia Silverstone. Most recently, she played Val Stokes in the first season of VH1's drama "Single Ladies" but did not return for the second season.

The "Clueless" star took a ton of heat on Twitter from Obama supporters, many of whom bashed the African-American actress for not supporting the president in his reelection. "@REALStaceyDash You're an unemployed black woman endorsing @MittRomney. You're voting against yourself thrice. You poor beautiful idiot," Tretista Kelverian wrote on Twitter in response.

"I guess Clueless star Stacey Dash endorsing Mitt Romney shows that she is indeed clueless," Just Plain Mary chimed in.

Some unlikely figures rose to her defense, however. Politically minded rapper Talib Kweli — who's set to hit the "RapFix Live" couch this Wednesday — supported Dash's right to express herself, even if he himself supports Barack.

"[Am] I the only one that finds it hilarious that Stacey Dash supports Romney? Y'all mad? That makes it funnier to me," Talib wrote on the social-networking site.

But while the entire Internet seemed to take a side, Dash remained graceful through it all. "My humble opinion... EVERYONE is entitled to one," she wrote.

Does Stacey Dash's Mitt Romney endorsement impact your decision about who to vote for in the presidential election? Let us know in the comments!

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