'The Voice' Says Hello To Former Hey Monday Singer

Blake Shelton gloats as he steals talented songstress Cassadee Pope in blind auditions.

It's getting down to the wire on "The Voice," which was recently renewed for another two seasons. While the coaches are being more conservative on pushing their buttons, Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Cee Lo Green and Christina Aguilera were letting loose on their sales pitches during Tuesday night's episode.

We're witnessing more heartbreak as blind auditions wind down, as only a handful of spots remain on the celebrity coaches' teams. As a result, the panel is pulling every card out of their pocket to nab the singers they want.

Here are some of the night's winners and losers:

A Star Shines

An all-out battle ensued when 22 year-old Cassadee Pope took the stage. The talented songstress had a taste of success with her band Hey Monday, who toured with Fallout Boy, but when they dismantled, Pope was ready for a solo career. After getting a vote of confidence from her mentor Pete Wentz, Pope blew all four coaches away with a great cover of Natalie Imbruglia's "Torn." Receiving a standing ovation, Pope then had the task of selecting her coach. Aguilera praised her execution and versatility, and Levine and Green equally sung her praises, but country star Shelton won this round. "An artist isn't an artist that's like anybody else," he said. "I believe with 200 percent of my heart that you, Cassidy, are a star."

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An Oldie But a Goodie

That's the only way to describe Yolanda Barber. The 55-year-old cruise-ship-singer-turned-bus-driver was there to "represent the 50 and over." Even though the seasoned Barber, who has been singing for 40 years, nailed her performance, she was unable to entice the coaches to push their buttons. The coaches gave Barber her due respect but cited the dwindling slots as their reason for not turning around. Although Xtina did add, "You do not need to be driving a schoolbus." And she was right.

Here Piggy, Piggy

He was a small man, a pig farmer with a voice that definitely didn't match his exterior. In the vein of Robin Thicke, IJ Quinn's voice was in a very high falsetto, and the coaches mistook him for being a female vocalist. But it was his pitch and "strain" that kept him from being selected for the singing competition series. "I was born with a high voice so I feel you," Levine said, trying to console the singer. For now, Quinn will have to put his "Voice" dreams on the back burner and return to attending the hogs.

Charlie Goes Home

Charlie Rey worked in an auto shop with his dad where carbon monoxide poisoning was not only threatening his dad's health but was "destroying" Rey's singing voice. In an attempt to turn a new leaf, Rey auditioned for "The Voice" and got both Shelton and Levine to turn their chairs with his cool, collected sound that was compared to Michael Bublé. "It's obvious that I'm a better coach than Blake," Levine said, taking a jab at his brother from another mother. He quickly took that back and Shelton swooped in, "Come home, Charlie. Charlie, come home." And off Rey went into the waiting open arms of the country superstar.

Egyptian Beauty

Growing up as a woman in the Egyptian community, Sylvia Yacoub felt she didn't have as many opportunities as her male counterparts, so being on the reality series was a great step forward for her. The raven-haired singer impressed mentors Shelton, Aguilera and Green, who connected to her fire and strong voice. "Musically, we have a lot in common," Aguilera told Yacoub, trying to win her over. Green took a more direct approach, telling the audience to "shut up," then after a long pause just said, "I want you on my team." But the singer ultimately chose Aguilera.

Only a few spots remain as blind auditions return next week. Who will make up the final members of "The Voice?"

What was your favorite moment of the night? Tell us below!