LMFAO's Sky Blu Wants To Put Psy 'In A Speedo' And Go Viral

'He took it to another level,' the Party Rocker tells MTV News about getting bested by the Korean MC for record YouTube 'likes.'

In the world of viral videos, no one is more liked than Psy right now. But if there's anyone who knows the feeling, it's LMFAO. As it turns out, Psy just beat out the Party Rockers for most-liked video on YouTube, thanks to his kooky clip for "Gangnam Style."

But don't hold your breath for some kind of virtual dance-off over it: The guys of LMFAO know that the only way to deal with the Korean rapper is to join him. "Oh well, damn, that means we're just gonna have to make another song," Sky Blu told MTV News on Monday (September 24), when we asked how it felt to see the YouTube sensation top their "liked" record for "Party Rock Anthem," which debuted back in March 2011.

"No, you know what? I want to make a song with him. He took it to another level," Sky admitted. 'Party Rock Anthem' did its thing and it was time for someone else to come and take that torch, and he definitely did, and so all the respect to him."

And Psy beat out the twosome, who recently announced their hiatus, in record time. The Korean MC has managed to score more than 2.6 million likes for his clip since its July 15 premiere. Sky wasn't giving up on the idea of matching that success though. He even had a proposition for Psy: "Let's get into the studio and beat the rest of all the liked records. We'd have him in a Speedo, that's for damn sure."

As for Sky's LMFAO partner, Redfoo, he already seems to have an eye on Psy. He was spotted over the weekend in Sin City, getting his shuffle on alongside the "Gangnam Style" rapper. The Las Vegas Sun reported that Redfoo and Psy even traded dance moves and chilled out together at the Tao in the Venetian in Las Vegas.

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