Taylor Swift's Songwriting Process: Ed Sheeran Breaks It Down

U.K. singer reveals to MTV News where he and Swift wrote tracks for Red.

It seems that some of the most productive Red songwriting sessions for Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran didn't take place in the studio. Instead, Swift felt most creative on a trampoline and in the car.

"Taylor writes songs in all different situations," Sheeran told MTV News, recalling a time mid-drive that Swift penned part of a tune. "I remember we went out. Where did we go? I think we were in the car to the studio and she took her phone out and mumbled something and sort of put it back. And I was like 'What was that?' and she was like 'Oh, I was just singing down ideas.' "

While those may seem like odd places and times to have an idea for a song, Sheeran credits Swift's enthusiasm for artistry and songwriting that fuels that kind of passion. "She does that all the time. It's a good way to do it. She's one of very few people left in the industry that actually worries about the songs that she sings, like she actually wants to write them herself," he said. "Which I think is a very positive thing."

Red is set for release on October 22, and given all the excitement around its lead single, "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together," Swift is hoping to keep the eagerness alive with a massive rollout plan where she will drop four more tracks from the album ahead of time.

Beginning on September 24, Swift will tease fans with several more songs off of Red. A preview will drop every Monday on "Good Morning America" and the following Tuesday she will release the full tune. She will later appear on the show on October 22 and 23 to celebrate the album release.

It's gearing up to be a busy time for Swift, who took the stage at the VMAs earlier this month for her first-ever live performance of "WANEGBT." She is up for a handful of MTV European Music Awards, including Best Female Artist, Best Pop Artist, Best Live Artist, Best World Stage and Best Look. She's also up for three CMA Awards, including the biggie, Entertainer of the Year.