Britney Spears: 'X Factor' Gig is 'Refreshing'

Pop superstar says judging is 'totally different' from performing onstage.

Singing and dancing onstage for tens of thousands is one thing, but judging someone else's singing and dancing on TV in front of 12 million is a whole different ballgame.

At least that's how "X Factor" newbie judge Britney Spears sees it.

"It's totally different from performing because you're behind the scenes ... and it's refreshing," she told MTV News on Tuesday during a press outing to promote tonight's season two debut of "Factor."

"It's refreshing doing something like this, it's a lot of fun."

All eyes will be on Spears, 30, and fellow new judge Demi Lovato, 20, when the dynamic duo make their bows as judges on Simon Cowell's singing competition. Spears, who is reportedly much more critical and harsh than her fans might imagine, told reporters that she's up for the challenge of doling out tough love to the aspiring singers on the show.

"You have to use constructive criticism, but you don't want to let the fans down," she said. "Usually the fans do know what they like or what they don't like."

Lovato told MTV News last week that the chemistry
between herself, Spears, Cowell and music industry veteran L.A. Reid is "amazing." She also revealed that viewers can look forward to some blunt honestly from the panel, as well as "tons of drama" backstage between the contestants.

"I have fun with every single person on the panel. We always joke back-and-forth," Lovato said. "We feel really comfortable together and I really couldn't ask for a better panel to be sitting together with. They're just icons. All three of them."

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