'Snuggie' Kid Gets Swaddled Up In VMA Experience

'All the attention I'm getting, I hope it's not going to my head,' YouTube dancer Ton Do-Nguyen told MTV News after ceremony.

LOS ANGELES — When Ton Do-Nguyen created his amazing shot-for-shot recreation of Beyoncé's "Countdown" video, he likely never dreamed it would get him a free ticket to the VMAs. Once he arrived in downtown Los Angeles though, he learned he would not only be attending the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards, but he'd also be presenting the Moonman alongside Jim Cantiello during the pre-show. All that because of one very popular YouTube video.

MTV News caught up with the high school senior and Beyoncé enthusiast after the VMAs wrapped and asked him about his experience during the show.

"It was so cool getting to actually present an award and everything. There were no words to describe how I was feeling. It was just so cool actually standing next to Jim and just like presenting the award with him," Nguyen said.

Because he was on the VMAs red carpet, Nguyen was only steps away from the many celebrity guests. That shocked him as much as any other experience he had this week, he told MTV News. If only Beyoncé had been there to congratulate him in person!

"It was so cool because there were people literally just walking by right there," he said. "I could basically just feel them."

It likely will be difficult for Nguyen to have to fly back to his home in Pennsylvania and go back into school on Monday considering all the excitement of this week. But Nguyen plans to take this as a positive experience that hopefully will create other great opportunities for him.

"All the attention I'm getting, I hope it's not going to my head," he told MTV News. "I'm just trying to live it up and take it all in, and whatever comes my way, I'll take it."