2 Chainz Keeps It Loose During 2012 VMA Rehearsals

'Sometimes I don't even realize the moment that I'm in because I'm just too damn enjoying myself,' VMA performer tells MTV News.

We ain't never told no lie, though we may have kept a secret or two. Though it was announced on Tuesday (September 4) that 2 Chainz will be taking the stage at the 2012 Video Music Awards, MTV News caught up with Deuce a day earlier as he rehearsed behind closed doors for the big show.

It was killing us to hold it in, and fans will have to wait until Thursday at 8 p.m. ET/PT to see what Chainz has in store, but we can assure you that the Atlanta rap rep has more than a few tricks up his long, lanky sleeves.

Tit was all smiles inside of Staples Center as he bounced around mouthing the lyrics to a song we're not at liberty to reveal just yet. Stage hands tinkered with the set, as the crew tested the lighting, all the while 2 Chainz performed several practice runs trying to work out any kinks before Thursday. After each run-through, the towering rap giant huddled up with his DJ and manager Tek, who was watching from the floor seats.

Chainz was as cool as a cucumber though he did need a bit of clarification from MTV News correspondent and 2012 VMA pre-show host Sway Calloway after his rehearsal. "On the small stage? I'm on the small stage," he asked Sway playfully.

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After Sway reminded to the Based on a T.R.U. Story MC that he will indeed be performing on the world's biggest stage during the 2012 Video Music Awards, reality began to set in. "OK, so now I'm a little nervous," 2 Chainz said coyly while laughing.

"I'm just having fun, bruh. Sometimes I don't even realize the moment that I'm in because I'm just too damn enjoying myself."