Eminem Turned Welcome To: Our House Into A 'Masterpiece'

'I love this album, and it's because of Marshall,' Royce da 5'9" tells 'RapFix Live' of Slaughterhouse's new release.

As individuals, Slaughterhouse are no strangers when it comes to putting an album together. If you count just the solo works of Royce da 5'9", Joell Ortiz, Crooked I and Joe Budden, there is a wealth of in-studio experience. But for the group's Shady Records debut Welcome to: Our House, the House Gang got to do what they do best, while their buddy Eminem handled the rest.

"He told me and said, 'I want y'all to go in there and do exactly what y'all did on the first album. I'm not gonna go in there and step on your creative integrity,' " Royce said on Wednesday's (August 29) "RapFix Live," recalling conversation between him and his buddy Marshall Mathers.

When the four lyrical horsemen dropped their self-titled debut, the collective upped hip-hop's lyrical bar with rap free-for-alls like "Microphone" and "Cuckoo." With their latest LP, which dropped on Tuesday, Slaughterhouse deliver the same caliber of killer lyrics that they are known for, but also present a complete body of work.

"What we did was we went in there, we rapped — we all got drunk, went to the studio and rapped," Royce explained. "We handed him ... about 40 and he went there and turned it into a masterpiece."

From the LP's opening "Our House" to its triumphant closer "Our Way," SH tell their story and detail their rise from underground rap darlings to successful MCs who now command a larger spotlight. Even the group's Swizz Beatz-assisted strip club ode "Throw It Away" fits into Welcome's narrative, a celebratory tale that Slaughterhouse will push even further when they debut the track's music video on Thursday on Vevo and YouTube.

"I love this album, and it's because of Marshall," Royce exclaimed. "He went in there and he basically took the songs that he felt like we should be using; did segues, skits, mixed just about the whole album, he added instruments to the songs that he felt needed extra instruments.

"He put his foot into it," Royce continued. "He did just as much work as we did."

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