Owl City Perfects His Backflip For 'Shooting Star' Clip

'Good Time' singer teases a parkour-themed video for his next single off The Midsummer Station.

While Owl City may not know when he will drop the next single off his just-released The Midsummer Station, he does know that the video is going to include a lot of parkour.

"There's one in the works," Owl City's Adam Young told MTV News on Friday (August 24) of a video for "Shooting Star." "It takes place in L.A. at night. There's people running. There's free runners. There's people doing flips like from building to building. I can't wait. It's going to be great."

The release of "Shooting Star" was years in the making. Young wrote the track years ago, but sat on it until he met up with the powerhouse production team of Stargate.

"They kind of got what I do and I've been tuning into what they've been doing for years, so I get the kind of brushes they use to paint," he explained. "I kind of get what they do, and I brought them some ideas that I had no idea where to go past the middle of the road with and they, right away, got what I do."

When he met up with them in the studio, he explained he had the foundation for this tune, and they helped him build it all the way up with their all-work-no-play philosophy. "They're really intense, but in a good way," he explained. "It's good. ... Sometimes it's good to have that sort of pressure, if you can call it that, clock ticking. They're just on it, on it all the time. "

The Midsummer Station dropped earlier this week. In addition to the Stargate-produced "Shooting Star," the album also features the inescapable lead single, "Good Time," featuring Carly Rae Jepsen and "Dementia" with Blink-182 legend Mark Hoppus.