Nick Jonas' Possible 'American Idol' Gig May Display His 'Dry Humor'

Jonas' brothers tell MTV News that they fully support the 19-year-old's rumored role on the hit Fox show.

While the ink isn't dry on any contracts, Nick Jonas has the family buzzing about his confirmed talks with "American Idol" about joining the show as the new season's judge. And the buzz is quite positive.

"Well rumors are true; he's being considered for a judge and if he was to be a judge on that show, he would an incredible job," the eldest JoBro, Kevin, shared with MTV News about his baby brother. "And I really hope he gets the job. And I hope they choose Nick."

While Nick is still young (he'll turn 20 next month), Kevin says that he's wise way beyond his years.

"I think he would bring insight to it, unlike a lot of people. At his age, he's been able to accomplish so much and be able to do so many kinds of things, whether it was Broadway, whether it was like pop music, whether it was producing for other artists. Like he's done it mostly all, so I think he can have his feet planted on the ground to be a good judge."

Middle brother Joe is also throwing support Nick's way. Joe currently appears as a mentor on the CW singing competition show, "The Next," and knows that Nick could kill it if given the chance.

"I do hope Nick gets the 'American Idol' thing," he dished. "I think that would be awesome. I feel like he's really talented enough. He's a producer, songwriter and great musician."

However, when asked who has a better eye for up-and-coming talent, well Joe couldn't pick between himself and Nick. "Who's a better talent [scout]? [It's] different because I think I don't really take myself too seriously with it. I like to have fun," he said. "I feel like Nick can be, he'll probably be very direct sometimes, which is good — which I think a lot of people need sometimes tough love. And his dry humor will come across really well."

Kevin adds that Nick will be "direct... But at the same time he'd be honest; he'd be encouraging. He'd never give a dis without telling him how they could fix it."

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