Will 'Married To Jonas' Show Any Family Feuds?

'It's just the choices that we're making as a couple and how we're growing and continuing to build our future family,' Kevin Jonas says.

While pop-culture fanatics are quite familiar with the Jonas family, thanks to the many successes of Nick, Kevin and Joe, they might be less familiar with the Deleasa clan. Sure, Kevin married Danielle Deleasa back in 2009, but her family has remained under the radar.

Until now, that is, and the premiere of their brand-new show, "Married to Jonas." In addition to letting fans into their marriage, Kevin and Danielle are also introducing the world to Dani's wacky clan.

"My dad, he always made me laugh when I was little and even now," Danielle told MTV News earlier this week. "I get to show the whole world how he is, and I think they're enjoying him."

Her pop-star hubby couldn't agree more, adding, "He's a character to watch, and then we have the sisters, and they're fun, and they each have their own personalities, and the brother as well. It's really great."

In fact, things are so great between the two families, Dani's brother, Mikey, is sort of like the fifth Jonas Brother. "There's a ton of boys on the one side and a ton of girls on the other, and then Joe and [her brother] Mikey are kind of inseparable," Kevin said. "They were actually roommates for a while. They're best of friends, so that's kind of always nice when we all get together. Those two are the best of buds, so it's been a really great experience."

With the E! reality series kicking off Sunday, Kevin explains that aside from lots of family togetherness, it will also show the young couple as they set out to balance their personal and professional lives and maybe even add another Jonas to the mix.

"Obviously, [the cameras] were there for all of it," he said. "They really have followed us in what was going on in our life, and so there's a lot of family stuff, a lot of stuff with me and my brothers. I'm in the studio. We're in and out of that, but really it's just the choices that we're making as a couple and how we're growing and continuing to build our future family."

In addition to his E! show, fans will get the chance to see Kevin and his brothers in the flesh very, very soon. The Jonas Brothers will play their first gig together in years when they storm Radio City Music Hall in October. They are also expected to drop some new tunes before the end of the year.