Jonas Brothers 'Cultivating' Tunes For New Album

'I wish it could be released tomorrow,' Joe Jonas tells MTV News about the group's new music.

For any fans hoping that 2012 would be the year the Jonas Brothers release some new music as a group, they might be right. The JoBros have spent the summer in the studio cooking up new tunes, and fans will get to learn some more about the project, their follow-up to 2010's Lines, Vines and Trying Times, sooner rather than later.

"I think probably this year. I wish it could be released tomorrow. Obviously, there's just so many other things you have to think about," Joe explained to MTV News. "But we've been working on music for about three, four months now and got into a place now where it's just a rhythm, and we're creating the music, and it's really coming together really well. I would say fall hopefully you'll hear some stuff."

While Joe danced around release dates, big brother Kevin teased in a separate chat with us that he's recently revisited some of the trio's older tunes to get an idea of how he wants this new batch of songs to sound like.

"Wow, I listened through the catalogue recently," he said. "I did. I had to go through it because we're getting in the studio again. So I wanted to go and be like, 'So where did we start from? Like how was the first album to like the last album? Where was that transition?' And I really listened through it all, and it's crazy."

Considering that Kevin says that guys have tried every sound under the sun, anything is possible this time around.

"We've done some out-of-the-box things. We've done some things that are rocky, poppy, country-ish. We've done everything," the JoBro said. "I think this album, people are like 'Where's the new music?' And I think they're waiting for new music to come out so quickly. But really, we've been cultivating it for so long, we really want to spend the time needed to make it as perfect as can be because so much is riding on this album for us. ... We've been gone for so long that if it's not right, then it could go very badly."

With fans burning up with anticipation to hear what they have been crafting, the guys are equally jazzed to share it with their fans and get their reaction. "So, hopefully, people accept the avenue that we're going down," Kev said. "I'm really looking forward to people hearing the new music. Nothing [in terms of collaborations] right now, but lots of stuff actually in the works."

In addition to new music, both Kevin and Joe begin stints in reality TV this week. On this past Thursday night, Joe began work on the CW reality show, "The Next," where he goes around the country scouting for talent. As for Kevin, he and his wife, Danielle, show off their married life on the E! show, "Married to Jonas," premiering on Sunday. Baby brother Nick might soon be joining them on the small screen. He confirmed rumors that he's in talks to be a judge on "American Idol" next season.

Are you anticipating a Jonas Brothers album, or are you content with their solo projects? Tell us what you think in the comments!