Rihanna Defies Oprah’s ‘Badass’ Expectations in Interview Teaser

In a preview for Oprah's August 19 sit-down with the star, Rihanna opens up about her fear of climbing the ladder of fame.

[artist id=”1940303″]Rihanna[/artist] is all about making trips to her Barbados homeland to show some love, and this time she’s brought along a familiar face: Oprah.

And from the looks of a clip released online, the two are so familiar that they look like they’ve been friends for years as they hang around the house. In the teaser for Rihanna’s appearance on “Oprah’s Next Chapter,” which airs August 19 on OWN, the two get even more comfortable than the clothes they’re wearing as they if ride through the city and chat before a gorgeous ocean view deck.

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