Kanye West Gets Love From Ex-Labelmate Memphis Bleek

'I like to see somebody come from nothing and become something,' Memph tells 'RapFix Live' of Kanye's success.

There was a time when Memphis Bleek was heralded as the future of Jay-Z's Roc-A-Fella Records. In the storied label's infancy, the Brooklyn MC played his role as Hov's right-hand man quite well. Bleek is contractually on his own now, but his relationship and his loyalty remain the same, even when social network instigators try to drive a stake between Memph and his one-time labelmate Kanye West.

Sure, Bleek would've liked to record a tag-team project with Hov like Yeezy did with last year's Watch the Throne, who wouldn't? "You can want all you want, but reality is what it is," Bleek said on Wednesday's "RapFix Live," noting that he currently isn't in a position to have made WTT the regal event that it was. Though he is currently releasing underground mixtapes, Bleek told "RapFix Live" that he's taken more time to raise his son.

By the time Yeezy had released his 2004 debut The College Dropout, Bleek was already a Roc veteran preparing to release his fourth album (534). Few believed then that 'Ye would grow into the global music star that he is now, but here he is and Memph is in full support. "I love it. I like to see somebody come from nothing and become something," he said of the G.O.O.D. Music rap and style icon.

And to those who feel like Kanye took Bleek's spot on the Roc, Memph shoots down the notion like an expert marksman. "There was no spot to take of mine. I didn't claim anything. Jay is my brother and that's it," he said. "This rap game, that came second, being my brother and family is first. So whatever business decisions he make or gonna move with, he got my blessing 100 percent."