Exclusive 'Expendables 2' Clip Sends A Motorcycle Flying

Terry Crews also knocks over a water tank with a grenade in explosive new clip.

There's more than one way to take down a machine-gun-equipped helicopter, but in this exclusive clip from "The Expendables 2," the guys choose the method that involves ghost riding a motorcycle into the cockpit.

That's the kind of action we've come to expect from Sylvester Stallone's "Expendables" series, which drafts some of the greatest heroes of the action genre onto one team of badass mercenaries. The sequel to the 2010 original ups the ante, adding even more muscle, including more screen time for Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis, who only made cameos in the previous movie.

But the Expendables aren't just taking down helicopters with motorcycles: In the clip, Terry Crews helps handle some incoming forces by knocking over a water tank with a grenade.

MTV News spoke with Crews and co-stars Dolph Lundgren and Randy Couture at San Diego Comic-Con before they took the stage in Hall H, and the actors shared their experience filming with the action movie gods.

"I was totally ecstatic. One of my biggest scenes in the movie, I'm facing up with Arnold, the whole deal," Crew said. "Last time, we didn't have a part of that. We knew it was happening, but we weren't there on the set to see all the guys there. We had one iconic moment on this tarmac in this airport, it was everybody, and we're all shooting at Jean-Claude. I had a surreal moment."

Crews said that for the genre, the lineup in "Expendables 2" couldn't get any better. "When you look at what this genre is, it literally becomes a religion to a lot of people. It's about what you believe in. Action movies have created that," he said. "When you a see a guy like Chuck [Norris], Arnold, Sly and Bruce, all together, it's literally, like, father, son, holy spirit. Not to be sacrilegious, but in the action world, that's what it is."

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