'On The Road' Again: New Trailer Takes Us Cross-Country

We learn more about the bromance between Garrett Hedlund and Sam Riley's characters in the latest sneak peek.

How about some new footage from "On the Road" to brighten your day? MSN Movies' U.K. site unveiled a trailer Monday (August 6) that features several new scenes from the long-awaited big-screen adaptation of Jack Kerouac's beatnik-era classic.

Here are some key moments:

Beatnik Bromance

While the first trailer played up the edgy-ingénue aspect of Kristen Stewart's role, the second trailer highlights more of the bromance shared between Dean Moriarty (Garrett Hedlund) and Sal Paradise (Sam Riley) and why Paradise, our narrator, was inspired to write about his adventures with fun-loving Moriarty. "The coming of Dean Moriarty began the part of my life you could call my life on the road," Riley-as-Paradise says through voice-over and clips of the boys living it up in mid-20th-century New York City.

Actual Road-Tripping

As indicated by the film and book's title, "On the Road" is all about life lessons learned via a series of cross-country adventures embarked upon by a group of young adults. The actual road-trip sequences in the second trailer differ ever so slightly from the first in that we see more of the motley crew traversing the country via bus, car and foot. There are glimpses of the beginnings of Moriarty and Paradise's friendship and what look to be their earliest adventures out on the town, as well as more of the heavily hyped topless shot of Stewart riding in their crowded car.

Highs, Lows and Life Lessons Set to a Swingin' Soundtrack

The late 1940s/ early 1950s setting of the story provides a slightly innocent sheen on the coming-of-age tale, complete with a swingin' soundtrack, more scenes of group dance parties and the youth-oriented nature of the film. But it's not all roses and sunshine as we peek into the highs and lows of Moriarty and Paradise's journey, which includes several moments of self-doubt and self-reflection that are showcased via one-on-one conversations in the trailer, as well as Riley-as-Paradise's narration that indicates we'll all learn a lesson about how best to live our lives to the fullest via "On the Road."

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