Lollapalooza Fans Focus On The Music After Severe Storm

One festivalgoer's favorite moment was 'everyone coming back in, having it all start up again like nothing ever happened.'

CHICAGO — Despite intense heat, long bathroom lines and a severe thunderstorm that caused Lollapalooza to shut down for nearly three hours, the festivalgoers who stopped by to chat with MTV News had nothing but praise for the annual festival in Grant Park.

"My Lollapalooza experience has been amazing!" gushed Tania Jacobs, who came to the festival with a large group of her friends. "We got here Friday, and ever since, it's just been unreal."

Lollapalooza brought in a wide range of headliners, including the Black Keys, Black Sabbath, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jack White and Florence and the Machine, just to name a few.

"The Red Hot Chili Peppers were definitely awesome," said Jimmy Jameson, who spoke on behalf of many festivalgoers who listed the Chilis as a major highlight.

"I got to see my favorite band, the Shins, which was an out-of-body experience," Lauren Burkhart shared with a big smile on her face.

The impressive EDM lineup drew huge crowds at Perry's stage, named after the lead singer of Jane's Addiction and Lollapalooza founder Perry Farrell.

"At night at Perry's is where it's at!" insisted Gretchen Landego. "You couldn't ask for a better three days."

While everyone MTV News spoke with expressed disappointment about the three-hour long suspension of the festival during Saturday's severe thunderstorm that overtook Chicago, they seemed more excited to share their bonding experiences than to harp over time lost.

"Coming back in after the rain was a major highlight of mine," Jimmy Jameson recalled. "Everyone coming back in, having it all start up again like nothing ever happened."

The festivalgoers caught the rest of the night's acts with a vengeance, splashing around in the puddles and diving in the newly formed mud pits.

"No one cared about being wet and dirty," Ben Dumitz observed. "Everyone was happy!"

While Lollapalooza has become a major tradition for Chicago, it's also growing bigger each year as music lovers from all over the country come back.

"It's so awesome to see everybody here enjoying music together, just having a great time," Burkhart reflected, as she's been coming back to Lollapalooza for years. "I'm so happy to be back."

Next year, Lollapalooza will be bigger than ever, as Perry Ferrell made a special announcement that the fest will expand to Israel, on top of its most recent addition of a stop in Santiago, Chile this past year.

MTV News was all over Lollapalooza! Stick with us for even more about the biggest performers and moments from the festival.