Goodie Mob Promise To Bring That Soul Food Back

'We're back where we left from, putting a message in the music, motivating and inspiring,' Khujo tells MTV News of Mob's reunion.

Goodie Mob put the "dirty" in Dirty South and though it's been well over a decade since Cee Lo Green, Big Gipp, Khujo and T-Mo dropped an album together, the Atlanta rap quartet is ready to pick up where they left off with their 1999 LP, World Party.

"We're putting our heads back together and putting that soul food back on the tray," Big Gipp told MTV News when we hit the set of their upcoming video for "Fight to Win." "Goodie Mob has been in the studio working on our new album called Age Against the Machine.

As a bonus, the Mob will bring back the video for their new single with "Is That You God," a 2006 track that was featured in the movie "ATL," starring T.I. The song has seen a bit of resurgence after Barry Hankerson (uncle of the late Aaliyah) licensed it to be featured in "The Obama Effect," an upcoming comedy that he's producing and that stars Charles S. Dutton and Katt Williams.

"It was perfect timing for us because we're gearing up and campaigning Goodie Mob ... so it really came at a very sacred time, if you will," Cee Lo explained.

Though they haven't recorded as a group in quite a while, each member of Goodie has kept busy. Cee Lo has been the most visible thanks to his collaborations with producer Danger Mouse as the duo Gnarls Barkley, his chart-topping solo efforts and mentor role on NBC's "The Voice. But Big Gipp, T-Mo and Khujo, who lost his right leg after a car accident in 2002, have never stopped making music. "We're back where we left from, putting a message in the music, motivating and inspiring people just to keep going," Khujo said.

"We're blessed that were able to manage to come back together through all adversity that was against us," T-Mo added.

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