Did Michael Madsen Enjoy Punching Justin Bieber?

The 'Kill Bill' actor details the graphic 'As Long As You Love Me' scene for MTV News.

Of all the images that make up the video for Justin Bieber's "As Long As You Love Me," none are as memorable as the moment that Michael Madsen lands his first punch on the singer.

Madsen's overprotective-father character may have enjoyed leaving Bieber bloody for wanting to date his daughter, but in real life, the actor said he didn't take any pleasure in the one-two punch.

"I didn't exactly enjoy slapping him around," he told MTV News on Thursday, one day after the video premiered. "Had he been a prick, had he been a brat, you know, I might have had fun with that. But he was actually, he was the opposite."

If fans are wondering if Bieber was nervous to take a beating for the Anthony Mandler-directed clip, Madsen explained that Bieber was more concerned about having it look real than scared to take the hit.

"He was very respectful, very respectful and decent to me," he said. "I think he wanted it to be well-done. I don't think he was blowing it off. I think that I've been around enough to know I can tell if somebody isn't really doing their job or taking what they do seriously. And I could tell from early on in the morning that he was. He wanted it to be right. He wanted it to be specific and had a good car, a '68 Charger. That's a pretty bitching car, you know? I saw that damn thing parked in front of the house and I went 'Wow, I hope that's mine.' But they put me in a Rolls Royce; not too bad at all."

So, given that Bieber and Madsen trade physical barbs and verbal ones, does the actor think Bieber has a future in Hollywood? "He had good eye contact. He was focused. He didn't have a double. I think he should leave the acting up to me," he laughed. "He can sing though. See I can't do that. It goes both ways. He can sing his head off and he's damn good at it, and I couldn't get close to that. He does his thing, and I do mine."

Speaking of his music, Madsen approves of the track, giving it a four-star worthy review. "I hadn't heard much of his music before. I wouldn't be in exactly the age range to listen to Justin Bieber, ok?" he joked. "It's not like I'm tuning in for it, but I did, I do like that song. I like that song a lot. It's very pretty. It's nice."

Do you think Madsen's blow to Bieber was realistic? Let us know what you thought about the video in the comments!