Lady Gaga Unleashes S&M-Tinged Fame Perfume Ad

Mother Monster tweets up her fragrance and then catches Olympics fever.

Just call Lady Gaga the Fame Monster. The singer has just unveiled another ad for her fragrance, the aptly titled Fame, dropping in September.

While she donned nothing except for tiny men crawling up her body in the last image, this new one features the singer in a clingy PVC bodysuit with a big PVC hat and face mask. The black-and-white photo features two Mother Monsters, facing off in a side-by-side mirror image.

Like the first ad, this one was also shot by "Alejandro" video director and fashion photographer Steven Klein. Gaga added that the look was styled by Brandon Maxwell, who has worked for her pal Nicola Formichetti and styled her for "A Very Gaga Thanksgiving." She tweeted out the image late Tuesday, with the message, "Fame is an illusion. If you really want it, anyone can have it."

In addition to the two photos, she also previously dropped an artsy film, "Formulation," featuring beefy scientists cooking up the eau de parfum.

The same day she unleashed the newest ad campaign, she also tweeted about her tears of joy over the Olympics as Team U.S.A. celebrated a number of victories, including a major achievement for Michael Phelps, who added another piece of gold to his mantle, and the gold-medal-winning U.S. women's gymnastics team.

"The olympics is the best ever. but i went through a whole pack of tissues last night. watching hard working athletes achieve their dreams," she wrote, later adding, "Woohoo! Gold for the ladies! just want to squeeze them! So much talent and beauty. Did u seem all holding hands? There's no 'I' in team."

Lady Gaga will go for record-sales gold when she drops her new album sometime in 2013. She will unveil the album's title in September to coincide with the release of her first-ever perfume.

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