Green Day Explore Their 'Crotch Area' On Brand-New 'Oh Love'

Brand-new single is the first off an upcoming trio of albums, which Billie Joe Armstrong calls a 'hell party.'

On Monday, Green Day unveiled a lyric video for "Oh Love," the first single off ¡Uno! (the first of three albums they'll be releasing between September and January), and as if you couldn't tell from those lyrics, it's most definitely a song that deals with matters of the heart ... not to mention a few other vital areas.

" 'Oh Love' is kind of like leading with your heart and not necessarily with your brain as much," frontman Billie Joe Armstrong told MTV News. "And [also] kind of maybe losing your mind, and shooting a little bit more from the crotch area."

That's probably to be expected from a trio of albums that began life with Armstrong proudly proclaiming "It's F--- Time!!!", and it will definitely carry over into the "Oh Love" video, which, as bassist Mike Dirnt explained, doesn't stray far from those shoot-from-the-crotch sentiments.

"It pulls from the heartstrings, and it's about love and sexual tension and things like that; that said, I think the video is gonna tip its hat in those directions," he explained. "I know we've got some real fun scenes that might involve motorcycles and us playing live and possibly some chaos backstage and things like that."

And Green Day are most definitely embracing that pro-party ethos on ¡Uno!, ¡Dos!, ¡Tre! ... even if their idea of a party might be slightly different from yours or mine. And they can't wait to take it out on the road.

"It's more of a fun atmosphere with these next records, going into more of a party thing, almost kind of a 'hell party,' " he laughed. "We have one song called 'Makeout Party,' which the events actually occurred. And that's almost what the next video for 'Oh Love' is sort of like. So, it's going to be a lot of fun touring this next cycle and bringing it to people live."