Owl City Says Mark Hoppus Collaboration Is Like A 'Rarity Blink Track'

Self-proclaimed 'nerdy Blink fan' opens up to MTV News about 'Dementia,' which he called 'a dream come true.'

Much ado has been made about Owl City's duet with Carly Rae Jepsen, the surefire summer anthem, "Good Time." But, there is also another collaboration on Adam Young's August album release, The Midsummer Station, that will have fans of Blink-182 clamoring for a listen.

Owl City's Young hooked up with his childhood icon, Mark Hoppus, on the track, "Dementia." And, the experience of working with Hoppus lived up to everything he had imagined, and then some. "I learned [from working with him] that it is possible to be at a level where Mark is at and still be incredibly genuine and incredibly real," he recalled to MTV News on the set of the "Good Time" music video.

"Because, first of all, I've never laughed so hard in the session 'cause the guy's so funny and he's always like, he's like the funny guy who's in that band and he just has this thing where it's so him and sometimes you meet people and you're not sure if they're really the way they perceive themselves to be," he continued. "But it was so cool and I've been such a nerdy Blink fan forever. I was like 'There he is. He's in the studio and he's singing on my song. I can't believe it.' Totally [a] dream come true, it was awesome."

The track, which also appeared on Owl City's Shooting Star EP, which dropped earlier this year, certainly does pay homage to the vibe of Blink, with Young even sounding a bit like Tom DeLonge over the song's Travis Barker-like beat, jangly guitars and dreamy production.

"It's definitely Blink-influenced," he said. "I've been such a fan of what they do, what Blink's done since junior high. I'll have the CD on in the car, just randomly trying to memorize the lyrics, and that song will come on and I'm like, 'Oh, that's Mark Hoppus.' It sounds like an older B-side, rarity Blink track. It's so cool. It's such an honor."