'Game Of Thrones' Star Ankles Out Of Comic-Con

Kit Harington, one of the stars of HBO's acclaimed fantasy series, will not be at Comic-Con due to an ankle injury, HBO confirms.

Winter is coming to San Diego, but the bastard Jon Snow is staying put on the Wall.

"Game of Thrones" fans will have no shortage of places to turn to get their fantasy fix at Comic-Con International this year, but there's one star who won't be joining in on the fun: Kit Harington, who plays the late Lord Eddard Stark's bastard son on the HBO series. The official "Game of Thrones" Twitter account informed its followers on Monday that Harington will not be participating in the show's Comic-Con panel as previously announced, due to an injury.

More concerning than Harington's Comic-Con exit is how his broken ankle will affect season three of "Thrones." Fans of the books know very well that the upcoming season features a serious amount of action for Jon Snow, who is currently traveling alongside the wildlings north of the Wall. A network source tells The Hollywood Reporter that Harington's injury — which was not sustained on set — will not interfere with production, however.

Harington's exit marks the second "Thrones" actor to bail on their planned Comic-Con appearance this year. Lena Headey, who stars on the show as the ruthless Queen Cersei Lannister, also bowed out on attending the San Diego geek mecca, as reported by Entertainment Weekly earlier this week. With Harington and Headey out, the current list of "Game of Thrones" stars lined up for the show's panel on Friday (July 13) consists of Alfie Allen (Theon Greyjoy), Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen), Rose Leslie (Ygritte), Michelle Fairley (Catelyn Stark) and Richard Madden (Robb Stark).