Carly Rae Jepsen, Owl City Go Camping For 'Good Time'

MTV News hits the set of the 'hot' video for the pair's summer anthem.

SILVER MINE LAKE, New York — Carly Rae Jepsen and Owl City's Adam Young were hanging out on a campground in upstate New York on Tuesday (July 3). But they weren't just sitting around roasting marshmallows: They were there to film the feel-good video for their soon-to-be summer anthem "Good Time," and MTV News tagged along.

Set under the trees and beside a lake, the video follows the pop partners as they embark on some summer lovin'. The clip also joins in the grand tradition of summer-themed music videos, so we had to ask both Carly and Young whether they had a favorite warm-weather video of their own.

"There's this band called Further Seems Forever and they have this video 'Snowbirds and Townies,' and it's as summery as you can get," Young told MTV News. "There's like a pier ... the ocean, there's a really nice car in that video."

Meanwhile, Young's "Good Time" partner-in crime had her own pick. "Colbie Caillat, I'm thinking," Jepsen shared. " 'Bubbly,' that one's good."

With sunny clips like those to draw on for inspiration, the pair had some fun teases for fans eager to know what to expect when the video finally drops. "My three words, they're a little bit intense, but I would say, it's really hot," Young hinted.

So does Jepsen agree with that assessment? "I would say it's fun, it's carefree and it's ... I love it, spontaneous," she laughed after getting some assistance from Young.

"Good Time" is the lead single off Owl City's August album, The Midsummer Station; the track will also be featured on Jepsen's debut album, dropping in September.

Is "Good Time" your summer anthem? Share your picks in the comments!