Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes Were Plagued By Rumors

MTV News rounds up some of the most sensational stories that followed the couple over the course of their relationship.

From the moment Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes kicked off their whirlwind romance back in 2005, they were plagued by all sorts of rumors about the inner-workings of their relationship. Soon after they kicked off their couch-hopping love affair, they got engaged, pregnant and married. And in between all the warm, fuzzy headlines about the couple, frequently, the tabloids reported on just about anything to poke holes in their relationship.

TomKat, as they were dubbed in the press, could never fight off rumors about discord in their relationship. MTV News has rounded up some of the most sensational rumors that frequently plagued the couple, who announced their divorce Friday after five years of marriage.

Rumor #1: Tom Auditioned Katie To Be His Wife

In June 2005, a report surfaced that suggested that before Tom met Katie, he also met with Scarlett Johansson and Keri Russell, whom he auditioned not only for a role in the "Mission Impossible" franchise, but also for the role of his real-life girlfriend and eventual wife.

Rumor #2: Tom and Katie Had a Marriage Contract

With the divorce official, speculation is once again running rampant that Holmes and Cruise had an elaborate marriage contract that would keep the actress in the marriage for as long as 10 years and grant her extra money if she had another child with the "Rock of Ages" star. The five-year end to their union is re-fueling those contract rumors.

Rumor #3: Suri Isn't Tom and Katie's Kid

In 2006, when Holmes was pregnant with the couple's only child, Suri, there was lots of chatter that she was faking the pregnancy, as her baby bump was pictured at varying sizes throughout her pregnancy. This led many gossip sites to speculate that Suri didn't even exist at all. Mid-pregnancy, the couple denied that a divorce was in the works. Another ongoing rumor was that Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard was the actual sperm donor for baby Suri. The couple eventually proved Suri's existence on the cover of Vanity Fair later that year.

Rumor #4: Katie Let Tom Control Her

There had been speculation that Katie was under the control of her A-list better half, with chatter that he was brainwashing her through the Church of Scientology. It's a rumor their pals Jada Pinkett Smith and Leah Remini denied in a People cover story.

Rumor #5: Katie Can't Find Work

In 2007, the gossip was studios didn't want to hire Katie because she had become too much of a tabloid fixture thanks to her relationship with the Hollywood superstar. It was even rumored she had to leave "Batman Begins" sequel "The Dark Knight" because of her engagement to Cruise.

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