Eddie Van Halen Explains Postponed Tour Dates

'We bit off more than we could chew,' Van Halen guitarist tells USA Today.

So what's the real story behind those canceled Van Halen concerts? Fans have been speculating about the band's cryptic announcement about the postponed dates last month, and thanks to Eddie Van Halen's recent interview with USA Today, we have an answer.

"We bit off more than we could chew," Eddie Van Halen told the newspaper frankly. "This record took a lot out of us. And we went on tour earlier than we wanted to so we could play Madison Square Garden [in March, before the venue's scheduled renovation], and that threw the schedule out of whack."

Van Halen said a lot of the canceled dates on their A Different Kind of Truth Tour were in cities they'd already played. "So in November, we'll hit Japan, and in the New Year, we'll possibly do something special," he teased. "But I can't talk about it."

Something he could talk about were rumors that the band had to cancel their concert dates because their members, particularly fiery frontman David Lee Roth, were fighting again, which Van Halen straight-up denied.

"Dave's the same as he's always been, funny, witty," Van Halen said of Roth. "Sometimes I can only take that in small doses, because he just goes on and on," he added with a laugh. "But Dave always lands on his feet."

The reunion tour with Roth and Van Halen's 21-year-old son Wolfgang kicked off February 18 and will play a total of 40 shows on this leg.