WATCH: Fun.'s Bonnaroo Quiz Unearths Phishy Story

New York trio recall seeing jam-band legends at Madison Square Garden.

Bonnaroo 2012 came to a close Sunday night with a four-hour (and only four-hour, contrary to rumors circulating the campgrounds that they'd play until 6 a.m.) set by Phish, which featured such crowd favorites as "Sample in a Jar" and "Tweezer." But before the masses filled the muddy field a final time, we caught up with Fun. for one last go at our trusty Bonnaroo quiz — now with new questions!

The New York trio had no problem spelling the name of the festival — a talent that, given the response of the rest of the acts we talked to throughout the weekend, ought to be celebrated. Nor did they see much around the festival that they didn't take to.

Then we asked them to do their best Phish air guitar solo.

Members Jack Antonoff and Nate Ruess deflected that question and instead offered a story of a time they saw Phish at New York's Madison Square Garden several years ago instead. "We don't smoke pot," guitarist Antonoff started. "But the Garden, which is a large space, it got so hot-boxed. When we left, we were just like, 'Ehhhhhhh' " — a fancy way of saying they were perhaps feeling the effects of the space's second-hand smoke.

"We stumbled into a bar, and we were like, 'What should we dooooo?' " frontman Ruess added. They finally agreed upon "two things of nachos, three hamburgers."

So it wasn't exactly the answer we expected, but envisioning some of our favorite rockers destroying some bar food worked just as well. And we can only wonder how they fared after Sunday evening's performance ...

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