Miranda Cosgrove Recalls Her Favorite 'iCarly' Episodes

As show celebrates its 100th episode, the star opens up to MTV News about approaching series finale.

Miranda Cosgrove and her "iCarly" pals just turned 100. Well, actually, the show just hit the 100th episode over the weekend. And the episode, titled "iBattle," finds Carly and her crew up to the kind of shenanigans that has kept fans tuning in to the hit Nick show for five seasons.

With that milestone behind them and as the series reaches its finale in November, Cosgrove admits she's excited the show was able to make it to that sweet spot.

"We just hit our 100th episode — it was really exciting that we got to do that before the end," she told MTV News, adding that fans have been celebrating the show and its legacy since hearing this fifth season will also be its last.

"I've got a ton of messages from Twitter and Facebook and everything, and it's awesome," she continued. "I mean, a lot of people have been watching since they were our age when we started, so they grew up watching it. So I think it's really sweet."

With 100 episodes behind them, Cosgrove does have a few that she considers near and dear to her heart. "We've had a lot of fun filming.

We did a Halloween episode; we did two Halloween episodes now. But the first one we did was really fun," she said of the 2007 episode "iScream on Halloween." "I was like 13, and I got to wear this crazy bug costume and that was just a fun one. [It was] like when we first started [when we made it] and we were all just really excited and the show had just come out. So I really like that one."

Another contender is a 2010 episode that remains at the top of her list. "And I like 'iSaved Your Life' a lot too, when Nathan [Kress'] character, Freddie, saves Carly's."

Cosgrove and the rest of the cast will film their last episode this month. When we spoke to her in May, she admitted she didn't know how Carly's story would close out, but she did have an idea of how she'd like it to. "I don't know how it's going to end," she said. "I mean, 'Freaks and Geeks' is one of my favorite series, and I really like the way it ends 'cause it's just like another episode and it's like their [lives are] gonna go on. It's not really the end."

Cosgrove, however, does know what's next for her. She'll be hitting the University of Southern California for college.