Ke$ha Previews 'Supernatural' New Track

Producer Dr. Luke unveils a snippet of a song from her upcoming album.

It's not exactly "balls-out irreverent rock and roll" — quite the opposite, in fact — but with one 40-second snippet, Ke$ha is serving notice that her new album is most definitely going to be a departure.

On Wednesday (June 6), frequent Ke$h collaborator Dr. Luke gave fans a sneak peek at a song from her long-in-the-works new album, an all-too-brief preview that features her cooing about a lover's prowess — "When you take my body to the stars/ I believe it/ Boy, this love is supernatural/ Can you feel it?" over a bed of shimmering synths and knotty bass that gradually builds to a twisting, rapidly contrasting electronic break.

It's the kind of high-gloss production she largely avoided on her breakthrough Animal album, and while we certainly can't figure out how the track fits in with her other collaborations (she's reportedly worked with everyone from Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne to Iggy Pop on the still-untitled new album), the new track certainly showcases her maturation. And thanks to Ke$h herself, at least we know what the new track is about: having sex with ghosts.

Yes, just hours after Dr. Luke leaked the snippet, Ke$ha took to her Twitter account to mock-chastise her producer, writing: "You leaked my song about me having sexy time with a ghost, @thedoctorluke," she wrote. "Now everyone knows I get it on with ghosts!"

Somehow, that doesn't surprise us. There's still no firm release date for Ke$ha's new album, which she began working on in February. But, from the sound of one snippet, at least, it sounds like things are progressing quickly. And, apparently, ghostly.

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