Amber Rose And Wiz Khalifa's Wedding Plans 'Non-Existent'

'We love each other, we're going to be together forever. ... We will get it done when it gets done,' Rose says at MTV Movie Awards.

Amber Rose brightened up the red carpet at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards, having what she called a "mint moment" in her lace mini-dress, but it was her favorite accessory that Rose couldn't stop talking about: fiancé Wiz Khalifa.

The Taylor Gang rapper brought a party to Sunday night's Movie Awards, performing a theatrical rendition of his hit single "Work Hard, Play Hard." Rose told MTV News she was thrilled with his performance, even if he was a little nervous to take the stage.

"He did a great job — he always does though. I'm so proud of him. I'm going to love him up," she shared. "He tells me he never gets nervous when he performs for his fans, but he doesn't know if all these people are fans, so my section, I was like, 'Everybody get your asses up for my man right now.' And there was some older ladies behind me, and they are standing up like, 'Fine, we will get up, whatever.' They were mad at me, but you have to stand up for my fiancé."

Rose, much like Wiz, is certainly keeping busy. In between shooting her first film, "School Dance" with Nick Cannon, she's also been trying to find some time to plan her upcoming wedding to the Pittsburgh rapper.

"The thing of it is that I'm busy, he's about to go on tour, and it's just non-existent right now," Rose said of her wedding plans. "But we love each other, we're going to be together forever. I'm not one of those fiancées that are like, 'Let's go, let's go.' No pressure, we will get it done when it gets done."

Rose did manage to get one wedding detail out of the way: She found her dress. She recently told MTV News that she picked out her "Cinderella" dress, which she described as a "big fancy country-ass wedding dress," but doesn't expect Wiz to schedule his tux fitting anytime soon.

"He'll wait till the day before," she said. "I would like him in a kilt — that would be fun."

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