Questlove Wants Pete Rock To Reconsider Fiasco With Lupe

'I'm glad that Lupe did it,' Questlove tells MTV News of Lupe Fiasco's 'T.R.O.Y' sample on his new single 'Around My Way.'

Lupe Fiasco took on a ton of criticism this week when he sampled Pete Rock and CL Smooth's "They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.)" on his new single, "Around My Way," but Questlove is in full support of the Chicago MC.

"I would hope that Pete would reconsider his position because it's clearly an homage to his legacy," the Roots drummer told MTV News on Wednesday.

After Fiasco dropped his new single on Tuesday, Pete Rock took to Twitter to chastise Lu and the song's producers for remaking the song, which he and CL Smooth released back in 1992 as a dedication to their fallen friend and Heavy D & the Boyz group member Troy "Trouble T" Dixon.

"I'm not flattered @ all. Dat sh-- is wack, and the producer should be ashamed of his f---in self. Smh," he wrote.

On Thursday, a livid Lu phoned into MTV News correspondent Sway Calloway's "Sway in the Morning" radio show and revealed that he didn't actually sample Pete Rock's 1992 "Reminisce," but instead crafted his track from Tom Scott's 1967 jazz record "Today." But he was, in fact, attempting to honor the famed hip-hop producer and Questlove believes that's a good thing.

"I'm certain that people will know that's 'T.R.O.Y.' by Pete Rock and CL Smooth and it will seem familiar to them, and that will give Pete the 20-year resurgence and boost that naturally comes with this type of music," the Roots maestro reasoned. "I'm glad that Lupe did it because as a DJ, sometimes it's hard to convince people that are younger than the music that you're spinning that this is worth dancing to.

"I think it's a good thing. He'll get over it," Questlove said.

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