LMFAO Enlist 'Little Sister' Eva Simons For Party Rocking Tour

Simons talks to MTV News about hitting the road with 'cool guys' Redfoo and SkyBlu.

LMFAO has enlisted some hardcore party rockers for their Sorry for Party Rocking Tour kicking off on Tuesday (May 22) in Columbus, Ohio. With the likes of Far East Movement, the Quest Crew, Sidney Samson and Natalia Kills all ready to rock out each night of the 26-date trek, fellow tourmate Eva Simons is excited to be hitting the road with her "big brothers," SkyBlu and Redfoo.

"I'm kind of like their sister, that's the feeling I got," she told MTV News. "They're still like, we have jokes, but they're still very like protective and they're cool guys. They work, they're fun, but in the end we're all just really normal people that also want to have a good time."

While the guys of LMFAO may seem like zebra-pants-wearing party dudes, it's all really a persona crafted in order to come up with all their chart-topping jams.

"You know, everybody's always saying when there's a party song out, 'I can write that song.' Well, can you? Try it! It's not that easy," she said. "You have to really know what's going on, and they know what's going on because they're always in the clubs. They're always on tour and I think that's something you should be doing as an artist nowadays. [You have to] know what's going on in the streets [or] what are you trying to sell us? Some fake story? People don't want to hear no fake story. People want to hear what's real, organic."

So, has she ever been sorry for any of her party rocking? She laughed, "Oh, yeah, yes, I have those moments. I've had those moments I will not discuss."

Fellow party rockers Far East Movement recently shared they have equally high hopes for the jaunt. "There's going to be a little bit of wiggling going on," Kev Nish told MTV News. "There's gonna be shuffling, booty popping, a lot of movement. That's what both crews like to do. Big shout-out to [LMFAO's] Redfoo and the Party Rock Crew and [our label] Cherry Tree, really, for putting this all together."

In addition to wiggling their way through Columbus on Tuesday, LMFAO and crew will be partying all around the country, including stops in Seattle, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Miami. The tour will wrap up on July 4 in Toronto. "It's gonna be a whole lot of bass and a whole lot of showers," Far Easter Movement's J-Splif added. "Bring your raincoats."

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