Deadmau5 Breaks Down Pauly D's Biggest 'Flaw'

EDM producer weighs in on the 'Jersey Shore' star's spinning skills as they continue to feud.

"Jersey Shore" star Pauly D said he was "flattered" that deadmau5 criticized his "Night of My Life" video. However, the EDM producer has some equally impassioned words about the "Jersey Shore" star's abilities as a DJ, igniting another round in the twosome's apparently still-ongoing beef.

When TMZ asked mau5 if he thinks Pauly has "any DJ talent," he replied, "Well, no."

"OK, let's break it down: does a DJ have any DJ-ing talent?" he continued. "Is this song player any better than this song player? You know? And he did do a single, fair enough."

According to mau5, Pauly's "flaw fatale" was asking the world at large to weigh in on the clip. "I don't even do that. I don't ever do that because I don't really want to know what you think, 'cause I know a greater percentage of you will think it's s---," mau5 added. "I don't want to know that."

When MTV News caught up with Pauly, he once again tried to shrug off the controversy, and even had some kind words for deadmau5. "Nah, he's cool. I'm a fan," he said about the quarrel. "He's talented and I'm actually flattered he came at me like he did. I'm actually flattered he even watched my video. So I got to be funny about it. I'm not mad at all. I thought it was fun."

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