Deadmau5 Breaks Down Pauly D's Biggest 'Flaw'

EDM producer weighs in on the 'Jersey Shore' star's spinning skills as they continue to feud.

"Jersey Shore" star Pauly D said he was "flattered" that deadmau5 criticized his "Night of My Life" video. However, the EDM producer has some equally impassioned words about the "Jersey Shore" star's abilities as a DJ, igniting another round in the twosome's apparently still-ongoing beef.

When TMZ asked mau5 if he thinks Pauly has "any DJ talent," he replied, "Well, no."

"OK, let's break it down: does a DJ have any DJ-ing talent?" he continued. "Is this song player any better than this song player? You know? And he did do a single, fair enough."

According to mau5, Pauly's "flaw fatale" was asking the world at large to weigh in on the clip. "I don't even do that. I don't ever do that because I don't really want to know what you think, 'cause I know a greater percentage of you will think it's s---," mau5 added. "I don't want to know that."

When MTV News caught up with Pauly, he once again tried to [article id="1685496"]shrug off the controversy[/article], and even had some kind words for deadmau5. "Nah, he's cool. I'm a fan," he said about the quarrel. "He's talented and I'm actually flattered he came at me like he did. I'm actually flattered he even watched my video. So I got to be funny about it. I'm not mad at all. I thought it was fun."

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