'Glee' Stars Preview Their Favorite Finale Moments

'The last scene's pretty intense,' Lea Michele tells MTV News about season-three 'cliffhanger.'

"Glee" will wrap up its third season on Tuesday night in a finale marking a major milestone for the New Directions: graduation. That means fans will get to see show favorites, including Rachel (Lea Michele), Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Finn (Cory Monteith), all decked out in caps and gowns.

With everyone slated to come back for season four, their fates will mostly be decided by the end of the finale, but some things will be left up to chance. At least that's what Michele told us at an event announcing Fox's fall lineup, where she weighed in on the highly anticipated episode.

"The last scene's pretty intense," she teased. "The last scene's a very big cliffhanger."

Before that final scene, however, fans will be treated to a lot of other lasts, including a final sing-along in Will Schuester's famous choir room. "[It's] definitely [bittersweet]," Colfer added. "It was definitely bitter that these are the last times we're going to be performing as a group in the choir room, like the last choir room scene, but we're also really excited for where the show's going."

When asked to pick their favorite finale moments, the cast seemed to focus on the scenes that say goodbye while looking to a bright future next season.

"Well, what we're excited, I guess, for people to see is where these characters end up and to finally see them in caps and gowns," Michele said. "We worked really hard. It's like we worked very hard to graduate."

"And their final numbers performing as a group," Colfer said, with Michele adding, "That's really exciting."

With the characters going in so many new directions next season, the show will also welcome a few new faces, including extended cameos for Sarah Jessica Parker and Kate Hudson.

While little has been confirmed for what will be in store for the cast, it's expected that Rachel, Finn and Kurt will be moving to the Big Apple, Quinn will head to Yale and Puck will head to California to work on his pool-cleaning business. As for the fates of the others, fans may have to wait until the fall to find out.

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