Justin Bieber Has Nothing But 'Love' For Carly Rae Jepsen And Usher

'Carly is my artist, and I'm Usher's artist, so it's kind of cool that we're all performing,' Bieber tells MTV News at Billboard Music Awards.

LAS VEGAS — As was expected, Justin Bieber's show-stopping performance of "Boyfriend" at Sunday's (May 20) Billboard Music Awards brought out the squeals and the swag.

When MTV News caught up with Bieber on the white carpet for the awards show, just before his big number, the teenage superstar said his expectations for the evening were relatively simple: He just wanted everyone to have fun and to be able to show off all the hard work he's been putting into his dance moves.

"This performance is going to be fun. I practiced a lot in the dance studio," Bieber said. "I've been working hard, and I can't wait to show the fans what I've been working so hard on."

Since the other members of Bieber's musical family — Carly Rae Jepsen and Usher — were also performing, did the trio discuss any feelings of friendly competition or joke around about which performance would be better than the others?

"[It's] not a competition. It's all love," Bieber said with a smile. "We're all a family. Carly is my artist, and I'm Usher's artist, so it's kind of cool that we're all performing here, together.

For first-time Billboard Music Awards attendee and performer Jepsen, the goal for the night was to remember to take a moment to soak it all in.

"I want to feel happy when I'm onstage," she said. "A lot of times you kind of get caught up in the performance and then you worry and then it's over and you think, 'I didn't even enjoy it.' So tonight, after [having a successful] soundcheck this morning, it's going to be about having fun. It's me and my band, we've got some dancers and some fun lights, it's going to be an interesting show."

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