Mike D On Adam Yauch: 'I Miss Adam So Much'

Beastie Boy Mike D pays tribute to his fallen comrade in Facebook post.

While some groups stay together for the money, the fans or the music, the [artist id="968"]Beastie Boys[/artist] kept it going for nearly 30 years for something a bit less tangible: brotherhood.

The three lifelong friends toured the world, landed the first #1 rap album in history in 1987 with Licensed to Ill and sold more than 20 million albums in the SoundScan era (which began in 1991). The success was a bonus, but the sense you got at the end of the day is that Michael "Mike D" Diamond, Adam "Ad-Rock" Horovitz and the late Adam "MCA" Yauch just really loved hanging out together, making music and each other laugh.

Yauch, who died at age 47
 on Friday after a three-year battle with cancer
, had been making music, videos and associated nonsense with Diamond and Horovitz since the three were snot-nosed punk teens.

That might explain why the message posted by Diamond on the Beastie Boys' Facebook page on Monday (May 7) morning felt like a brother struggling to come to terms with the passing of someone who was more than just his partner in rhyme.

"I know, we should have tweeted and instagrammed every sad, happy and inspired thought, smile or tear by now," D wrote in the post that came a short time after a similarly emotional message from Horovitz. "But honestly the last few days have just been a blur of deep emotions for our closest friend, band mate and really brother. I miss Adam so much.

"He really served as a great example for myself and so many of what determination, faith, focus, and humility coupled with a sense of humor can accomplish. The world is in need of many more like him. We love you Adam."

The post was accompanied by a photo of the scoreboard at Madison Square Garden emblazoned with a photo of Yauch this weekend, one of dozens of tributes 
 to the New York native rapper that came in the days following his death.

"This photo ... is just one awesome example of how NYC is such a unique place that amidst it's huge size and frenetic pace it really opens up it's heart in so many ways and on so many levels in times like these," Diamond wrote. "And though it makes me cry sometimes, it has been really amazing and moving to see."

Share your memories of Adam on Twitter using the hashtag #RIPMCA.