Usher To Preview Looking 4 Myself At Off-Broadway Show

Singer tells MTV News 'Fuerza Bruta' matches the 'more artistic' music on his upcoming album.

This Saturday (and this Saturday only), Usher will appear in New York City's "Fuerza Bruta," an off-Broadway show where no one speaks, but the story is told through bright lights, music and dancing. In the lead role of Running Man, [artist id="1270"]Usher[/artist] will also use the show to preview his June album release, Looking 4 Myself.

Fans in the audience will likely get closer than they've ever been to the singer, as the audience stands during the performance, becoming another member of the company. With several weeks until his album release, Usher explained to MTV News at a rehearsal why he wanted to use this show to preview tracks.

"I felt like the natural elements as well as the emotion of 'Fuerza Bruta' would definitely speak or be significant to some of the stories and I guess hopefully a connection [was there]," he explained of tying this performance to his album. "When we began to explore different directions [for the performance like] maybe we use some of their music, maybe we use some of mine ... and before you knew it the idea came together. We tried it, I got on Running Man and it worked."

The show will stream his entire album, which drops June 12, and he thinks the mind-bending artistry of "Fuerza Bruta" works with the sound he's created on it. "This is more artistic of an album than I've had in history," he said. "And I felt like yeah, it would be a lot for me, but I was willing to at least try it. There were many times I had seen the show and I only hoped that I would be able to make it happen."