Wiz Khalifa And Mac Miller Ham Up Rap Beef On 'RapFix Live'

The Pittsburgh pair refuse to look at each other in their first joint interview.

Call them hip-hop's odd couple. Though they both hail from Pittsburgh and are signed to local indie label Rostrum Records, Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller absolutely hate each other — well, not really. On Wednesday's "RapFix Live," the 'Burgh's finest appeared together for their first joint interview.

Rather than play things straight, the pair decided to have a little fun on set.

"Why is he here?" Wiz asked, throwing his hands in the air after host Sway Calloway brought Mac onto the "RapFix Live" set.

"I'm getting hated on on this couch, man; can I get my own couch?" Mac responded.

Sway tried to play peacemaker, but Wiz and Mac weren't having it. The two were cordial enough to sit down on the red couch together, but refused to face each other.

"I haven't seen you in a while man, you looking good," Khalifa said, looking away from Miller trying to break the playful tension. "Thanks, wish I can say the same for you, man," Mac responded, trying his best to hold in his laughter.

A beef between Pittsburgh's two biggest rap stars would be quite problematic, considering that the duo are planning to hit the road together this summer on the Under the Influence of Music tour. Khalifa and Miller will be joined by Taylor Gang's Chevy Woods as well as TDE's Kendrick Lamar and Schoolboy Q on the nine-show run.

Though they remain good friends, Wiz and Mac have built their own careers separate from each other. There are only a few low-key collaborations between the pair, but they plan to record together again soon. "Me and Mac are gonna collaborate together because that's what I want to do, it doesn't matter what he wants to do. What I say goes," Wiz said in character. "We're gonna do a song, because we've had a plan this whole time," Mac revealed.

"Actually I need Mac. I'm trying to use his success to boost my album because it's about to come out," Khalifa joked.

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