Colton Dixon Might Work With Fellow 'Idol' Alum Daughtry

Seventh-place finisher tells MTV News he hopes to model his career after Daughtry, who finished fourth place during season five

It's certainly not uncommon for an "American Idol" cast-off to go on and do amazing things. Jennifer Hudson, who ended up in seventh place on season three, went on to win an Oscar for her role in "Dreamgirls," season two runner-up Clay Aiken has sold 4.9 million albums and fourth-place finisher Chris Daughtry had two consecutive #1 albums on the Billboard charts.

Hoping to add his name to that list is Colton Dixon. In a shocking elimination on last week's episode, the 20-year-old rocker was sent home after appearing for the first time in the bottom three, finishing out his "Idol" run in seventh place. But Dixon isn't too heartbroken over his elimination, as he's already thinking about the next step in his career: his debut album.

"I have multiple, multiple songs, it's gonna be hard choosing songs for a record, I'm going to be writing till my fingers bleed," Dixon told MTV News on Monday. "I hope I get to incorporate some of my older stuff in there too because then I can make it come full circle for me and this record would mean that much more. But just the different writers we're already talking about. I had dinner with Chris Daughtry and there's the option of writing with him, which would be amazing. And Jason Wade of Lifehouse called me up after I did his song and was interested in writing."

And it seemed that during Dixon's dinner with Daughtry they talked a lot more than just music. "He's such a great guy, genuine guy, we talked about whatever, Jesus, life, we talked about Batman for probably 30 minutes, we're both Batman nerds," Dixon revealed, "It's great to see established artists reaching out and trying to pull you up there."

Yet, besides swapping Batman stories, Daughtry has given Dixon some valuable advice on how to achieve success post-"American Idol."

"I'm definitely trying to get as much advice from Chris on the future as possible," Dixon said. "Just to help model my career after things that he has done, because he's done a phenomenal job of just going for it even after getting voted off fourth. I'm hoping I can make the most out of top seven."

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