Nick Jonas, Michael Urie Reveal 'How To Succeed' In Anything

'Be humble and be good to people on the way up,' 'How to Succeed in Business ...' star Jonas advises.

Nick Jonas and Michael Urie are currently starring in the smash Broadway musical "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying," where night after night they learn and re-learn how to succeed in business ... well, you get the point.

Given all that sage wisdom, when MTV News sat down with the twosome, we decided to have the guys themselves offer up some handy guides in "How to Succeed in [Insert Objective Here] Without Really Trying."

Why? Well, Jonas' J. Pierrepont Finch eventually finds success at the World Wide Wicket Company, where he meets Bud Frump, played by Urie. Frump hopes that nepotism can help him win within the company, whereas Finch relies on the help in the book for which the play is named. In honor of that handy-dandy fictional guide, we thought they might have some fun writing their own guides to life.

When asked about their advice on "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying," the guys broke down three key ingredients. "Well, I think #1 is just do nothing, 'cause you can't try," Urie explained. "And then #2 is you gotta do something, and then #3: Do nothing again."

While that advice may seem vague for any corporate climbers out there, Jonas couldn't help but have to agree with it. Now, Nick was more forthcoming about "How to Succeed in Show Business Without Really Trying."

His advice? "Be humble and be good to people on the way up, 'cause they'll be your friends if there's ever a moment when you need them on the way down or any moment in any career," Jonas said. "And then also enjoy the ride, 'cause it usually is a fun one, even when things become tough and take on an interesting turn."

His final piece of wisdom? "And then surround yourself with good people," he explained. "Good people a part of your team, a part of your cast and just everyone who can help you get to the best place that you want to be in."

And then finally, we wanted to know how the guys "Succeed in Love Without Really Trying." "[Be] patient, definitely always gotta have patience in love," Urie said. "[Be] understanding, which is sort of like patient, but a little bit different. And then lie, cheat, steal."

What do you think of the guys' advice in business, show business and love? Tell us in the comments!