Lauren Conrad Channels Inner Bad Girl For 'Fame Game'

'One thing I really wanted to do was take the mean girl ... and sort of explain why she is that way,' 'Hills' star-turned-author tells MTV News.

Lauren Conrad has written yet another chapter in her post-"Hills" career — quite literally. This week, the onetime small-screen star-turned-fashion mogul releases her latest novel, "The Fame Game."

A known good girl, LC got into the heads of reality-TV bad girls everywhere for the book. "The Fame Game" revolves around fame-hungry celebrity Madison Parker. Already having appeared in Conrad's "L.A. Candy," Madison is the frienemy of that trilogy's leading lady, Jane Roberts. Now Madison has her own show and will do anything to make sure she stays famous.

Sound familiar?

"It was definitely challenging, but it was something that was fun to do," Conrad told MTV News about getting into the head of the bad girl, possibly inspired by "Laguna Beach" nemesis and eventual "Hills" star Kristin Cavallari or maybe friend-turned-foe Heidi Montag. "You get to play someone else for a little bit and get into someone else's head, but it's also kind of nice to see something from someone else's perspective, to kind of understand them."

LC knows a thing or two about fame-hungry pals. And while she didn't mention any names, she did say that people in her life certainly influenced the characters in her story. "There's lots of different people, and that's what's been so fun writing these books, is that throughout the years, you experience all these different things," she said. "You kind of watch everybody's different approach to the industry, and I get to use all that."

Conrad has never been shy about pulling back the curtain on the reality-show world, and this book comes with a whole new perspective. "One thing I really wanted to do was take the mean girl, the girl who just clearly loves fame, and sort of explain why she is that way," she said. "I think there's something very interesting about people who just really seem to enjoy everything that comes along with being famous, because — and it doesn't apply to everyone — but this character, it was something that fills a void in her life. So I liked that."

This book also introduces readers to a new character, Carmen, the daughter of a famous couple who is unfazed by the spotlight. "I like Carmen ... because she sort of knows everything that goes along with it," the Glamour cover girl said. "She takes everything that comes at her very gracefully. She's sort of the voice of reason a lot of times."

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